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Hotel “Stari grad”


The hotel is located in the centre of the town. Its façade, resembling the traditional Bosnian house, is in complete harmony with the architectural core of the town. From the outside it is unpretentious and unobtrusive, whereas its interior offers the best a hotel can give. There are 3 single rooms, 3 double rooms and 3 suites. The rooms are tastefully furnished, the fact you can see for yourselves, and the interior design was aimed at achieving the closeness of home atmosphere detaching from impersonality usually characteristic of hotel accommodation. Each room was designed with a theme, with details evoking one symbol of Jajce. You can choose the suite dedicated to Tito, Esma Sultana Mosque or the waterfall.

Apart from being furnished with taste, the rooms are outfitted with all the conveniences: air conditioning, cable TV, international phone access, mini bar… There is an exchange office at the hotel, too. We offer you massage services, Turkish and Finnish sauna…

Apart from everything mentioned above, what is the most valuable in the hotel is not in it, but underneath it! Namely, the hotel has been built on the ruins of a Turkish bath, hammam. In the course of building the hotel, parts of a Turkish public bath, destroyed by a fire 200 years ago, were found. It was determined that the hammam had been built (or reconstructed) by Melek Ahmed pasha while he had been doing his service as vizier in Bosnia (1658 – 1659), information found in Evlija Čelebija’s Travel Book from 1660. In order to preserve the ruins of the hammam and yet make it available for visitors to see, we had a wonderful idea, so the hotel restaurant, underneath which the ruins are, got a glass floor! And so, you can savor your food and enjoy the sight of the hammam at the same time. To make it better visible, it is additionally lit. The restaurant seats 40 people and you can order both traditional Bosnian dishes as well as dishes from the international cuisine. Whether you order a meal or not, you can still enjoy a variety of quality wines from our wine boutique.

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