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Saunas and massage

There are two saunas at our guests disposal: Finnish and Turkish (Steam sauna)
By using the saunas you can reach the following:

  • Reaching a desired shape by sweating
  • The ultimate relaxation after hard physical effort
  • Saunas helps the metabolism
  • A great way to ventilate the skin
  • As a anti-cellulite factor
  • As a anti-rheumatism factor
  • As a boost for your blood cells
  • As a anti-aging factor

The Finnish Sauna is a smaller room where there is a oven which has a layer of stones, and on the opposite side there are benches where the visitors sit. The temperature in the sauna is 80-100 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity is 15%.

Because of the high temperatures, the visit is shortened to a minimum, around 8-15 minutes depending on how one is feeling. After the visit follows resting for 20-30 minutes. The complete procedure is repeated three times.

The visit in the sauna affects the blood circulation, releases tensions and causes plenty of sweating. As trivia we would like to add that when the Finnish visit the sauna they complement their visit with lots of drinking, beer as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

The Turkish Sauna is one of the oldest forms of cleansing and relaxing the human body. Visits in this sauna enhances the blood circulation, opens the pores and cleans the skin making it smother and softer.

The temperature in the sauna varies between 45-50 degrees Celsius and the air humidity can reach as much as 100 degrees Celsius. The high humidity combined with inhaling the scent of etheric oils has positive effects on ones breathing. A visit in the Turkish sauna is recommended to last 10-20 minutes and after that a shower with lukewarm water. After the complete procedure a rest of 20-30 minutes is recommended.

The Turkish sauna brings new freshness to the body and a freeing sensation to ones spirit, filling one with a long lasting harmony.