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House rules

Dear guest,
we are very happy to welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay in our Camping. For your own comfort we will supply you with some useful information.

Upon arrival you are obligated to report at the reception with a valid document of identification.

Choosing a Camping Pitch
You can choose the camping spot on your own, though you must choose with consideration to the available guests. The number that you received upon registration should be placed at a visible place on your tent or caravan, and the sticker on a visible place on your windshield of the car. A lost number or key is charged with a penalty fee.

Electrical consumption is only permitted for low consuming appliances, the use of electric stoves and grills is prohibited.

Quiet time
Quiet time prevails during 23-07. If you arrive at the camping during this time, you can park on the parking space. During the quiet time no moving of vehicles is allowed. Electronic equipment that generate noise or sound such as radios and tv-sets are prohibited. Use of musical instruments, signing and shouting is also prohibited during this time.

Camp traffic
Vehicles are prohibited to exceed the speed limit of 20km/h in the camping area.

We ask you to pay attention to the cleanliness of on you assigned space. Please collect all waste in plastic bags and make sure it is not left outside the appropriate container. Leave the sanitary facilities in the same shape that you would like them to be when you enter them. All washing of dishes and clothes is to be done on assigned locations. At departure leave your camping space in the same shape you left it. Take care of the plantation and greenery. Do not brake of any branches or tree trunks, and please do not put nails in the tree trunks.

Dog owners
Dogs should be held on a leash and under constant supervision. You should walk the dog on the designated area and make sure that the cleanliness is preserved on the rest of the camp.

Car washing
Is prohibited on the camping.

No boats with any sort of combustion engine are allowed on the lake.

Mail comes in every day except for Saturday, Sunday and other holidays.
Mail can be collected at the reception.

Lighting fires are allowed only on designated places. With your care the risk of fire is reduced: put out all cigarette-ends, dont throw away matches that arent extinguished, make sure all candles are out before sleep. Things that are easily ignited our explosive are prohibited at the camping.

First aid
First aid can be received at the emergency room in Jajce.

All valuables (money, jewellery) can be stored at a safety box at the reception.
The management is not responsible for any valuables that are left in the tents, camping areas or caravans. Please leave items that you find to the reception.

All visitors must report to the reception, longer stays are going to be charged.

The payment of used services should be done on the day of departure or a day ahead, during the opening hours of the reception. Please dont forget to return your key and your number. The camping space should be freed by 13:00, additional stay can be charged the rate of one day.
We wish that you will enjoy your stay at our camping and. We hope to see you next year.

Camping management